Signostics Appoints Industry Innovator as Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer


Posted: 2015-12-07 in Press Releases

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Signostics Appoints Industry Innovator Dr. Niko Pagoulatos as Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer



KIRKLAND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Signostics Dec 7, 2015, a start-up innovator in the field of highly miniaturized ultrasound technology, today announced the appointment of Dr. Niko Pagoulatos to the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer (CIO). This announcement comes on the heels of a $35 million long-term investment from KKR, a leading global investment firm.

Dr. Pagoulatos brings his nearly 20-year track record as a successful innovator in the ultrasound industry to Signostics after holding senior technology leadership positions at SonoSite working alongside Signostics CEO Kevin Goodwin. He is the author of six issued patents and several scientific papers and is also one of the first researchers in the world to develop algorithms and publish scientific articles on the real-time fusion of ultrasound and MR/CR data sets. He received his Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of Athens and completed his graduate studies at the University of Washington where he received a Master of Science in Bioengineering in addition to a Master and PhD in Electrical Engineering.

“Bringing Dr. Pagoulatos in as our new technology leader and CIO is a major step forward for our vision of developing new breakout innovations in ultrasound for medicine, as he is counted as one of the rising stars in this still emerging field of fusing ultrasound innovations with other emerging technologies," said CEO Kevin Goodwin.

During his nearly nine-year tenure at SonoSite, Dr. Pagoulatos made several engineering and business contributions including shaping the vision and spearheading the product development and commercialization of iViz, a tablet form-factor ultrasound system that offers high-performance imaging and advanced connectivity capabilities. Dr. Pagoulatos also invented and led the productization of a unique and innovative technology for enhancing the visualization of needles in ultrasound.

Prior to SonoSite, Dr. Pagoulatos served as a Senior Scientist within the Ultrasound Division of Siemens, where he led the development and integration of a real-time 3D processing and visualization module into the first 4D ultrasound scanner released by the company. He later joined a start-up company, Forth-Photonics, as a Senior Research Scientist where he developed advanced signal and image processing algorithms for a hyper-spectral imaging device targeted at the early detection of cervical cancer.

“I am elated to be joining forces with Kevin Goodwin, a visionary and a pioneer in the field of point-of-care ultrasound, and the rest of the Signostics team,” said Dr. Pagoulatos. “Even though ultrasound is well-adopted in a wide range of clinical applications, its adoption is still in its infancy given the massive potential that it has to revolutionize healthcare worldwide. At Signostics, I will have a unique opportunity to leverage my passion for innovation towards developing breakthrough products that will enable the realization of ultrasound’s full potential.”

With this new hire, along with the recent funding from KKR, Signostics is well-poised to advance its aggressive pursuit of cutting-edge medical innovations in addition to expanding and accelerating global marketing and distribution for new products. The company recently moved its headquarters from Clovelly Park, South Australia to become a Delaware-based corporation with new headquarters in Kirkland, Washington.

About Signostics:

Signostics is a leader in handheld ultrasound devices and bladder scanners. Products include the SignosRT ultrasound system and the SignosRT Bladder, both ultra-portable, affordable devices designed to assist with the diagnosis of common medical presentations at the point of care. The company has regulatory approvals in place for Australia, the U.S., Canada, Japan, Singapore and Europe and currently exports to countries around the world.