Brandon Biosciences Fund 1

Brandon Biosciences Fund 1 has invested in 8 emerging life science companies with high-growth potential that are commercialising Australian innovations.

Investment criteria

Investment criteria diagram

Funds raised

Our AUD$50 million BBF1 (now fully invested) comprises:

  1. The AUD$40 million BBF1 IIF Partnership, LP (BBF1 IIF), established in 2008 as a Venture Capital Limited Partnership (VCLP) under an Innovation Investment Fund (IIF) license (Round 3) from the Commonwealth of Australia.  Our investors include AustralianSuper and StatewideSuper, two of Australia‚Äôs leading industry super funds as well as the Commonwealth of Australia.
  2. The AUD$10 million Brandon Bioscience Fund 1 Trust (BBF1 Trust). This companion trust fund can co-invest alongside the BBF1 IIF Partnership.

Contact information

If you require further information about from BBF1, please contact us at our Melbourne office.