Nexvet is an unlisted company based in Melbourne, Australia, with global operations, partners and investors. Nexvet is a pioneer in species-specific protein therapies (such as monoclonal antibodies) for companion animals (e.g. dogs and cats) using its proprietary PETisation™ platform technology, which uniquely produces therapies 100% customised to target species.

The Nexvet portfolio focuses on areas of greatest unmet medical need such as chronic pain and inflammatory diseases. Nexvet also possesses a significant pipeline of medically important products. Biologics has become a massive growth area in human medicine, responsible for many of the most successful drugs on the market due to their clinical effectiveness, specificity and excellent side-effect profiles.

Nexvet’s team have international track records in the development of human biologics and veterinary drugs, and are committed to developing biologics to drive innovation in the $20 billion global veterinary pharmaceuticals market.